boat with actuators
How Linear Actuators Can Improve Your Boat

Technological innovations are contagious, and currently, they have traversed different fields as well as transportation mechanisms in the world. With each passing day, new and highly efficient ways of doing things, using our devices, driving our cars, controlling our homes, … Continue reading

Types of Boat Actuators

Here at Progressive Automations are specialty is electric linear actuators but electric actuators are not the only type of linear actuators that can be utilized in boat automation. There are four main types of actuators which are electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical. Electrical … Continue reading

Boat repairs
Boat Automation Opportunities

In earlier posts we’ve discussed ways actuators can help make your time on the seas a more relaxing and enjoyable experience with the help of linear actuators. Whether it be opening the engine hatch via remote control or having automated … Continue reading

Deep sea maintenance
Underwater Automation

One of the harsher, if not the harshest, environments actuators have to deal with is none other than the deep depths of the ocean. The constant heavy pressure and being submerged underwater for its entire lifespan are what make the … Continue reading

install a boat hatch actuator
Where to Find a Boat Hatch Actuator

Actuators found on boats are used in many ways but one of the most common is automating an engine hatch. Engine hatches are obviously a very important part of the boat, protecting the engine from any unwanted materials as well … Continue reading