Linear Actuators
Ideal for engine hatches, doors or other exterior projects.
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Waterproof Actuators
Perfect for boat exterior, doors or boat interior projects.
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Heavy Duty Actuators
Best for heavy duty projects like trailers, mast automation or vent automation.
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Mini Linear Actuators
Ideal for windows, doors, monitors or displays, cabin and smaller automation projects.
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Mounting BracketsAll the hardware needed to easily install your project.
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Control SystemsControl options for all our units and projects.
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Rocker SwitchesControl options that can be mounted anywhere.
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Your Boat Automation Experts

We are the #1 boat actuator experts in the US and Canada. Our goal is to automate yachts, boats and any other sea vessels so that doors, hoods and windows can be opened automatically at the press of a button. Our actuators are perfect for your boat as some of them have built in IP65 or IP66 ratings, while others feature accessories for additional protection. Marine actuator automation has never been simpler having experts from by your side!

Powerful, reliable products resistant to wind and water splashes
Unbeatable customer service
Products for all boat types
Same-day shipping
Custom units for custom projects
No duty taxes for Canadian/U.S. orders
Industry leading 18-month warranty
Worldwide shipping
IP65 and IP66 grade (water and moisture resistant)
Quiet operation
Control systems
Mounting hardware
We’ve Got You Covered for Every Automation Project
We have marine linear actuators available for any project. Our PA-04’s, which come with a built-in IP66 rating, can be used for a range of both interior and exterior automation, such as engine hatches, window automation or cabin and kitchen automation. If you need a lighter, more compact unit our PA-14 delivers that and more. It still packs a powerful punch, but is ideal for smaller projects where limited space is a factor. For larger projects where you might need to lift a heavy load our PA-17 is the ideal unit. It’s reliable, sturdy, high-quality and best of all packs a 2000 lb. punch, making it perfect for any type of heavy lifting.
Marine Automation Accessories
We’ve got all the marine automation accessories you need. Our products come with all the necessary hardware to install and get your project started. Use them together with our marine electric actuators to fully automate your sea vessel.
Exterior Boat Automation
Automation in boats can be used for a wide range of projects. From automating your engine hatch to your windows, boat automation is a thriving industry. Take full advantage of our marine actuators by automating your ladders, masts, braces and anything else you can think of. We want to make your time on the water as enjoyable as possible and automating all these features will help make that happen.
Interior Boat Automation
Inside your boat, our products can be used anywhere, even when there’s a limited amount of space. Automate your tables, chairs, televisions or even retract and extend the monitor displays in your cockpit. You can even automate your bed, kitchen and anywhere else you want to add a bit more luxury to your boat. We’re the best in the business, and not just because we provide only the highest quality automation products. Our customer service and engineer team is second to none in the industry. We’ll take you through your design from start to finish ensuring your project works just the way you want it to.