Boat Automation Opportunities

In earlier posts we’ve discussed ways actuators can help make your time on the seas a more relaxing and enjoyable experience with the help of linear actuators. Whether it be opening the engine hatch via remote control or having automated windows on the boat interior, actuators are there to help. However in today’s post we will be going over some examples of how they can help your boat even before it’s out at sea, as well as some functions found on the exterior.

Boat Hoist/Lift

A boat hoist is used to raise and lower boats into and out of the water. They come in many different sizes depending on the size of the boat being lifted, anywhere from a huge cargo ship to a small personal boat. Since lifting and lowering is simple linear motion, linear actuators are a perfect fit to help automate the procedure. You could also use actuators to add and install an automated canopy to your boat lift system, protecting it from harsh weather when not being used.

Boat repairs

Boat Trailer Brakes

When you’re carrying something as large and heavy as a boat on the back of your trailer it is imperative that you have proper braking mechanisms. Luckily actuators (specifically hydraulic actuators) can help with that as well. Trailer brakes work when the force of the trailer towards the vehicle during deceleration activates the trailer brakes. When the trailer pushes against the vehicle this activates the actuator, which in turn activates the boat trailer brakes.

Boat Exterior

The exterior of the ship is ripe for automation opportunities. Add an automated retractable ladder to your vessel making it easier and safer to get in and out of the water. Automate your collapsible mast and/or your radar mast to make it remote controlled. This way you can take it down easily for fast access for maintenance procedures or to avoid obstacles overhead. When you’re in the mood for relaxing having retractable seating on the deck is a great idea. Adjust it to get the perfect angle for sunbathing and then have it retract back once you need to get back to work.

As you can see a boat is a great place for automation with many exciting options for personalization. If you’d to purchase a boat actuator, boat actuator control system or just have some questions please contact us today. We also offer custom products if you cannot find the correct actuator size or force for your project.

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