How Linear Actuators Can Improve Your Boat

Technological innovations are contagious, and currently, they have traversed different fields as well as transportation mechanisms in the world. With each passing day, new and highly efficient ways of doing things, using our devices, driving our cars, controlling our homes, etc. are unleashed. The wave is huge, and currently, boat automation is indeed a reality. Presently, marine automation has managed to change people’s experiences on boats.

Like in our homes, the automation of boats has helped to enhance marine equipment as well as positively alter the functionality of different systems within the boat. Efficient and less strenuous ways of regulating valves, lifting tables, adjusting the engine throttle, etc. have been unveiled in the recent past. Ways to improve boats are many, and through automation, the world is yet even to scratch the surface.

Boat automation using linear actuators

The integration of linear actuators in home automation inspired a new wave which ultimately made its way to the boating sector. Currently, people are working extra hard to come up with newer ways of improving their boats by integrating linear actuators. In boats, linear actuators can be found in retractable ladders, doors, collapsible masts, cabinets, chair and table adjustment, etc. Other people also have to the extent of making their beds adjustable which of course alters the comfort levels. Boat actuators borrow greatly from the home automation actuators and to a large extent use the same mechanism to do a majority of the actions listed above.

Marine actuators have gained popularity recently, and people are using them to add comfort to their inside cabins as well as add on to their exterior environs. Things such as lighting, air conditioning, adjusting of a majority of parts in the boat are done with the help of linear electric actuators for boats. By integrating linear actuators in boating, a majority of applications which require flexibility and durability have been revamped and improved greatly. People can now embark on boat upgrade projects, and the result will not be disappointing.

Save space on boat

In home automation, linear actuators have helped greatly when it comes to saving space. Conversely, boat automation uses or borrows some home automation techniques to help save space. For example, the use of lifts to raise and hide the TV. The popularity of TV-lifts has continuously grown in the recent past, and more people are buying into the idea of owning one. For people who like sports and other programs, it can be hard to fit a big TV within the boat. However, the integration of actuators in TV-lifts has helped people to save on space.

boat tv lift
Boat TV lift in action

Personalization of the boats has also been made possible and easy. While on most occasions this helps to add luxury to the boat, personalization can also help boat owners to save space. For example, in the case of a person’s bed. A bed often takes up a lot of space especially if it is allocated a permanent space. However, by integrating actuators, the bed can be changed to something else every morning and thus increase space within the boat.

Save you energy and time

Saving energy and time translates to improving the efficiency of something. Improving efficiency mainly entails factors such as engine horsepower as well as tiller steering. With regards to the engine, upgrading to a higher horsepower engine translates to changing or buying a new one and actuators are not needed here. However, to improve your boat with linear actuators and save time and energy, you can install or invest in a tiller steering system. Evidently, with this system, the input of people is increasingly reduced, and people use little to zero energy.

Additionally, it takes a considerable amount of time and energy load and unloads watercrafts as well as dinghies. However, by using boat actuators, users can easily and effortlessly load and unload their watercrafts.

Add a luxury to your boat

Initially, luxury in water vessels was limited to the big sea vessels. However, technology has made it possible for almost everyone with a boat to add a little luxury to their boat. With the integration of linear actuators, people have been able to improve the comfort levels of their boats. Anything that makes use of linear motion is currently automated, for example, lifts, tables, and doors. Tables, for instance, are fitted with lifts and connected to cabinets where they extend and retract when needed or not, respectively.

Seats can also be automated and made to the comfort of the boat owners. People can adjust their seat (internal and external) angles and make them recline to more comfortable positions. Additionally, TV-lifts also help to hide televisions thus making it possible to use the space for other things.


The field of technology is making huge strides into the future. Currently, the released innovations only provide us with a peek into the future, but people should not be fooled to believe we are closer to where we will be regarding boating automation. Efficiency has been significantly enhanced lately, but a lot more is expected. The truth is we have not seen the last of marine automation, and soon a lot more astonishing features will be released.

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