Luxury Opportunities with Boat Actuators

Getting your boat to feel more luxurious doesn’t need to be that hard with the help of our boat actuators. These linear actuators have the ability to automate many different aspects of your boat and really make it feel like a luxury sea vessel. Our actuators help automate anything that uses linear motion, so anything that extends, retracts, lifts or lowers in a straight linear path. This may seem restrictive as far as what you can do with just motion control in a straight line but you’d be surprised at the amount of options available for linear automation to bring luxury to your boat.

One such example would be installing actuators in order to have a table in your boats cabin extend and retract from whatever position you have in mind. You could have it extend up from the floor or have it extend from the side of a cabinet, then retract it once you are done with it. All this would be able to be controlled with a hand remote when you use our boat actuators in conjunction with one of our control systems. Having your dining table extend or retract from view is a great way to impress your friends as well as giving yourself more space to relax when its not in use.


Our PA-04 IP66 Linear Actuator, perfect for boat automation.

Another great way to show off and make your boat cabin really feel luxurious would be to install a hidden television. A hidden television would allow your TV to stay out of view when not in use, and then let you raise/extend it from your chosen position when you want to watch something. This chosen position could be behind a cabinet, below a table, or even raise up from the floor. To make this happen you would use our boat actuators with one of our control boxes in order to raise and lower the television with the press of a button. The actuators would be installed behind the television and would be able raise and lower the TV as much as you want depending on the stroke length and the weight of the TV.

As for the outside of your boat you can add linear actuators to any outdoor seating you may have installed on the deck. This would allow you adjust the angle of your seats for optimal sunbathing conditions or have them recline for more comfortable seating positions. All of these luxury opportunities, and many more, can become a reality with our boat actuators. If you interested in learning more about our line of actuators and other products you can contact us by email or phone. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process of finding your ideal linear actuator.



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