Automation for Your Sea Ray Boat and Yacht

sea ray boat
Linear actuators can be found in a variety of machinery and electronics if you know where to look, and one of the more common places to find them is surprisingly out at sea; specifically on boats and yachts.  Sea Ray boat automation is a thriving industry, which is why we are dedicated to boat actuators.

We offer actuators for all boat types, be it yachts, sailboats, speedboats or trawlers, we have got you covered. And if one of our units doesn’t happen to fit your needs we also give the option for custom built actuators. Some of the uses of boat actuators include opening and closing doors, windows and engine hatches as well as boat interior projects like desks or monitor displays.

Now in order to tell which one of our actuators are best suited for whatever job you have in mind, we will need some specifications. Information like the amount of force needed, the stroke length and the size are all very important when choosing the right actuator for the job.

Finding the Force

For example let’s say you need an actuator to make opening your engine hatch a much easier process. First we would need the weight of the engine hatch, not necessarily the exact weight but a fairly accurate estimate.

This way we will know how much force is needed in the actuator. You would most likely need either one of our PA-03 or PA-17 units. The PA-03s force up to 400 lbs, but if that’s not enough we have the heavy duty PA-17s which can generate 850-2,000 pounds of force.

Finding the Stroke

Next we would need a measurement of the distance it takes the hatch to go from a closed position to an opened position. This is for finding the correct stroke length in our actuators. The PA-03 units have strokes reaching as far as 60 inches while the PA-17s can go as far as 40 inches.  For automating windows on your boat you would follow the same steps as previously stated, but the force needed would be much less. Our PA-14 models would be better suited as they are smaller and more compact.

As for the interior of your boat, our actuators are perfect for small and large projects alike. Some common requests we receive for boat interior projects are actuators for an automated television or computer display and desks that are able to rise and lower to fit the needs of multiple users. These are just a couple of the ways actuators can help make your boat trips a more comfortable experience. For an automated monitor display customers usually go with the PA-14s, depending on where the display is located.

sea ray boat interior

If you want your monitor to be hidden normally and arise from a desk or table like the picture above there are some factors you must take into account when choosing an actuator. Obviously the weight and dimensions of the monitor are key factors, but you also need the measurements of the desk/table that the monitor will be raising from, specifically the height. This way you can find an actuator size that will be able to fit inside said desk/table comfortably.

So whatever the job, we are here to automate a variety of your boat’s functions, interior and exterior, and make your life easier


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