Control Systems
actuator control box A/C actuator control box

Control Systems
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Get ultimate control over your linear actuators with our extensive selection of motion control systems. We have a wide range of systems suitable for any kind of function you need.

Our control systems are small enough to be hidden out of the way in engine cabinets on boats, and are able to withstand water splashes.

Use our control systems are a range of boat projects. They’re ideal for both interior and exterior boat automation, whether its furniture or window automation or exterior mast, door and hatch automation.

Wired or Wireless?
actuator control box A/C actuator control box
Our control boxes come with options for both wired and wireless remotes. Our remotes can operate multiple actuators simultaneously or non-simultaneously, and some can handle two actuators on the same remote.
actuator control box A/C actuator control box

We have both AC and DC powered systems. DC systems are often best for portable projects or ones that remain hidden. AC powered systems are often used in places where power is easily accessible.

Our AC-15 Power Adapter allows you to convert any DC control box we have to AC power.

Easy-To-Use, Easy-To-Install
actuator control box A/C actuator control box
All of our control systems are plug and play type systems, meaning that the entire system can be wired in minutes and turned on. Some of our control boxes have connectors that fit into our systems, so you simply need to plug it in and go.
Wi-Fi Actuator App and Control System
actuator control box
The next generation of actuator control has arrived. Our Wi-Fi Actuator App is capable of providing you with all the actuator control you need in a single app. The app lets you record presets, control speed, control actuators together or separately and more. The app is free for download on Google Play.
Customer Service
Our customer service is unbeatable in the industry. Our expert engineers are ready to work with you from the start to the finish of your project, meaning we won’t stop until your project is up and running like it should be. Just give us a call and try us. We’re here to answer all of your questions and concerns about our products.