PA-04 Linear Actuators
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PA-04 Linear Actuators
  • Stroke sizes 2-40”
  • Force 100-400 lbs
  • 12 VDC
  • Speed 2.80”/s (100 lbs), 0.98″/s (400 lbs)
  • IP66
Ideal For:
  • Hatch Automation
  • Doors and Platforms
  • Interior automation
The PA-04 delivers quality, affordability and power all at the same time. It’s brilliant design and flexible options make it the optimal actuator for a variety of marine projects and applications. It is our only actuator model that comes with a built-in IP66 rating, making it completely impermeable to strong jets of water and dust.
Features & Specifications
Mounting the PA-04 is a simple task with our hardware. Our BRK-02 Mounting Brackets have been designed for this actuator and for a sturdy solution with 180° rotation. The BRK-02 set comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. Our BRK-01 Mounting Brackets have also been designed for this model. These are T-shaped brackets for an alternative option. These brackets are a lightweight, durable device that allows for 180° rotation.Combine it with any motion control system we offer. Wire it up and turn it on within minutes.
  • Order now and get it shipped before 3 p.m. today
  • Comes with an 18-month warranty
  • Canadian/American customers pay no duty tax
Custom Units
It’s not always possible to find the exact linear actuator you need. That’s where our custom actuator service comes in. We’ll take your specifications and manufacture a solution for you. There’s no minimum order limit. We can ship a product to you in as little as 7-10 business days.Able to withstand water splashes.
Customize this unit according to:

  • Stroke 1-60” increments of 0.25”
  • Force: 900 lbs (0.47”/s) or 1350 lbs (0.31″/s)
  • Voltage 24/36 VDC
  • Wire length
  • Mounting Holes: Custom size and dimensions
  • Connectors: Add your specific connector
  • Dimensions: Stroke and size
  • Hall effect sensors, reed switch
  • Gearing: Full metal gearing
  • Only push option
  • Relay free option
  • UL certified unit
Customer Service
Got questions about this actuator? Our expert engineers are prepared to answer all of your questions and concerns. We’ll take you through your project from beginning to end, making sure that everything works like it should.