Rocker Switches
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Rocker Switches
  • 18-month warranty with all rocker switches
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  • No duty taxes for Canadian or American customers
Our rocker switches are high-quality, functional controls for your linear actuators. They come in a variety of styles and functions, so you’ll always find what you’re looking for.
Take a look through our selection to find something that fits for your boat project.
Mount Them Anywhere
linear actuator mounting brackets
Our rocker switches can be mounted just about anywhere you need them, making them the perfect device for boat automation. Mount them to your control panel, near seats or somewhere they are easily accessed.
linear actuator mounting brackets
Some of our rocker switches are completely protected from water. Use these switches for any type of boat automation.
Options Available
linear actuator mounting brackets

We have momentary, non-momentary and latching and non-latching switches. Use momentary switches for quick, one push motions and non-momentary switches for longer, complete actuator extensions.

Non-latching switches allow the actuator to retract when the button is released. Latching switches need the button to be pushed a second time for the actuator to retract.

They are available in a number of different styles and colors, with LED lights. They are available in spring loaded and non-spring loaded design.

We also carry a joystick that lets you control two actuators with each direction of the joystick. Retract and extend one actuator with the horizontal joystick and retract and extend the other with the vertical.

Customer Service
We’ll help you get your project up and running like it should. Call us and speak with one of our expert engineers if you have any questions about our rocker switches. We’re ready to take you from the start of your project to the finish.